New Year

I opened the card from my mother. It showed apples and honey, set out below the greeting “Happy New Year!”
Inside was a message wishing me a sweet and happy new year, followed by the words “L’shana tovah.” The card was signed “Love, Moms.”
I immediately called my mother.
“Mom, I just got your Happy New Year card. Thank you so much.”
“Debs, I saw it at Hallmark and I had to get it for you.”
“Well, I really appreciate it, Mom.”
“And, Debs, did you see that it had Jewish writing on it?
“Yes, I did see that greeting.”
“I thought that you would like it…I can’t believe they make New Year’s cards just for Jews!”
“Well, Mom….”
“And, to top it off, it was on sale! 70% off the original price! I think it cost me about $.50! Can you believe that? And it’s only January 2!”
“Well, Mom, that’s because its a Jewish New Year’s card….”
“I know that….”
“No, Mom, its a Rosh Hashanah card, THE Jewish New Year, you know, the one I make honey cake for.”
“The one that happens in September.”
“Hmmm… well, I guess that’s why it was on sale.”
“Mom, I love you.”
“I love you, too, Debs, although I still can’t figure out why you Jews don’t use the same calendar as the rest of us.”
“I know, Mom, its a mystery.”
This is still my favorite Rosh Hashanah memory.
Miss you and love you, Moms.


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